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Kenbi is culturally significant to the Larrakia Traditional Owners and custodians of the land and waters. It is important to look after Country which includes and and sea and all the creatures that inhabit the environment.

Cultural days on Kenbi is hosted by the Traditional Owners who give visitors entering Aboriginal land a rare tour and cultural experience of this unique place.

At the start of the cultural day visit, Traditional Owners share their knowledge about cultural protocols when entering their land and sacred sites and places, how to behave and what to do so that everyone can enjoy the day and respect Kenbi and understand why it is so important.

Then we are on our way to see the sights of beautiful Kenbi and stop for fishing and lunch along the way.

Sharing knowledge with Larrakia people about respect for Larrakia people, Larrakia Country, Aboriginal laws, customs and traditions, caring for sacred sites and places and making sure the animals, sea creatures and wildlife, beaches and waterways are are protected.

Cultural tours usually last half a day and it is enjoyed by everyone. Senior Larrakia Traditional Owner for Kenbi is Raylene Singh who along with family welcomes visitors to Larrakia Country and hosts the Cultural Days.


Time to stop and admire the beautiful coastline

Visitors can understand why Kenbi is so protected by the Larrakia Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land, waters and environment.

The Traditional Owners undertake Caring for Country activities such as burning off at certain times of the year when the grass gets too high and this acts as a way to "clean" the land and generate new growth of plants and trees, keeping everything in balance with the environment.

No clearing of land or removing of plants and trees is permitted without the authority of the Larrakia Traditional Owners.