Kenbi is a significant area of Larrakia Land on Cox Peninsula in the Northern Territory, Australia. 

The Kenbi (Cox Peninsula) Land Claim No. 37 is a traditional land claim, made pursuant to the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern territory) Act 1976 (the Land Rights Act). It is the most complex land claim in the history of Land Rights Act in Australia. Larrakia lodged the land claim over Kenbi in 1979 and won the claim in December 2000. To this day the Kenbi has not been handed back to the Larrakia Traditional Owners.

 Kenbi is culturally significant to the Larrakia Traditional Owners and custodians of the land, sacred sites and ceremonial places, wetlands, landscape and the environment. It is important to all Larrakia to look after Country and the inhabitants of the land and waters on and surrounding Kenbi.

Cultural days on Kenbi is hosted by the Traditional Owners who give visitors the opportunity to enter Aboriginal land for a tour and cultural experience of this unique country

At the start of the cultural day visit, Traditional Owners share their knowledge about cultural protocols when entering their land and sacred sites and places, how to behave and what to do so that everyone can enjoy the day and respect Kenbi and understand why it is so important.

Then we are on our way to see the sights of beautiful Kenbi and stop for fishing and lunch along the way.

Time to stop and admire the beautiful coastline